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I'm passionate about helping YOU to improve your fitness, nutrition, physique and energy levels.

Through a variety of different services and plans, I offer people with any budget, sex, age or fitness experience a chance to achieve life-changing results.


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I'm Doug Paulson - The Founder of Bodybuilding After 55
"Helping people become the best they can be is my calling."

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Who is Doug

My name is Doug Paulson and I am the creator / owner of BodyBuilding After 55.

I live in Northern Alberta Canada with my wife of 22 years, my son, my daughter and a little dog named Rosie.

I’m self employed online as a Web Consultant at THAIDIE, as well as owning TEI Business Solutions Inc. which offers cloud based Remote Bookkeeping Services for small to mid-size businesses.

My other passion is helping people to break free from the 9 to 5 routine which I do from my other blog Responsive Blogging.

I started dabbling in weight training in my early twenties but never took it seriously. I was smoking cigarettes and partying a lot, so needless to say not much exercising happened.

Over the next 10 years I occasionally went to different gyms, but seemed to always be too busy doing other things. Or at least that was my excuse. I had tried many times to quit smoking, even by using the patch and chewing nicotine gum. Nothing worked.

Then in my forties my thinking changed. My first child was born in 2002 and my priorities drastically changed at this point. My family was now the focus of my life.

At this point in my life, it was now suddenly important for me to try and stay healthy.

I decided it was finally time to quit smoking. I stopped cold turkey (no patch or nicotine gum this time) and was amazed how easy it was this time.

Amazing how things are different when you really make your mind up to do something.

I decided to also give the weight training a try again. But having a newborn baby at home, I wanted to be around the house as much as possible.

With that in mind I thought purchasing gym equipment for my home was the best idea. I started out with a olympic barbell set and a bench.

I started getting into a regular routine weight lifting 5 days a week. I really didn’t know what or how much I should do, but did it anyways.

I read every magazine I could about bodybuilding trying to learn what and how much to do. But the magazines basically only talked about the professional bodybuilders who where all taking steroids and other enhancement supplements. So not a lot of help for me since I didn’t want any part of that.

For the first while I was always sore, but as time went by, the soreness stopped happening and I found I had an amazing amount of energy.

I got right into the training. I continued purchasing more equipment and filled my basement and garage with gym equipment.

I can’t really tell you when things changed, but as time went by I realized that I had became totally addicted to bodybuilding. Weight training had become a huge part of my life.

It was no longer a chore to exercise, it was something I truly enjoyed. I always do my training first thing in the morning and have become addicted to how great I feel all day after the workout.

Just recently I have realized the shape I am in compared to other people my age, I can see the difference exercise has had in my life.

I can keep up to much younger people than myself in the gym or out playing sports.

Doug 2017

Anyone Can Do This

If I can do this, anyone can. I am just a normal guy that exercises regularly that does not take any steroids or muscle enhancers.

I just exercise regularly and take vitamins and protein, nothing else.

As we age our bodies naturally get weaker and more frail. So it is imperative that we exercise regularly to keep our bodies in great shape.

If we don’t, our bodies will start failing and we won’t have the energy or mobility for us to enjoy our senior years.

Having a fit body is possible at any age.

You’re Never Too Old To Start!

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